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Nice to meet you, where you been? I could show you incredible things…

First and foremost, hi there! *waves* Whether you’ve come to have a sticky because I’ve commented on your own wonderful blog, or you’ve come from my social media links, or by pure chance, you’ve stumbled across my little (liminal) space on the interwebs, welcome and thank you for stopping by!

Anyways, I’ll do try my best to keep this short and sweet – something that my English Extension 2 mentor knew was a struggle (#thestruggleisreal) – perhaps even equivalent to my efforts to stop buying nice clothes constantly (more about that to come). So maybe it’d be a good idea to grab a cup of tea/coffee and enjoy the ramble. Shall we?

Having my own blog has been at the top of my bucket list for a very long time – so much so that my musings about what it’d look like and what I’d post were my go-to methods of procrastination from writing my 50th english essay, doing that maths practice paper… you name it. But hold up, I have a habit of skipping ahead of myself (the woes of having a crazy 100 miles per hour brain).

So I’m Adela *shakes hand and/or hugs* and I’m a born and bred Sydney girl. I’m currently living the high life (according to everyone still stuck in high school), because at the end of October last year, I officially finished high school. This ‘high life’, a.k.a 4 months of doing whatever on earth I please until I’m plunged back in the education system, has so far, been absolutely wonderful. Which brings me back to the fact that I figured it was also the perfect time for me to start this little blog of mine. Bringing in my love for English again (sorry!), this 4 month period parallels that of the photo you saw at the very top – me turning my back on high school and all that has passed, but simultaneously facing the rising sun, marking the start of a new phase in life, new experiences, new friends, infinite possibilities… (poignant, right?). Or as Drusilla Modjeska put it way more nicely than me in The Orchard:

From my vantage point between [two phases of life]… on the borderline of becoming… with one hand reaching back and the other stretching forward…

So I guess this blog is going to be written by the me who is currently on the borderline between high school and university, a diary of sorts, accompanying me as I enter this new phase in my life both literally and metaphorically.

As for my obsession with liminal spaces, let me explain. During my teenage years, I’ve always been plagued by this one question – what exactly is my style? I’d read all these magazine articles and take quizzes in attempts to solve my burning question. To no avail of course. Me, I’ve always been drawn to so many different and contradicting styles. Par exemple – one day I feel like rocking a loose white tee, ripped boyfriend jeans and converse but yet the next morning, I’ll feel like a peter pan collar lace top, circle skirt and heels. So I guess this pretty much inspired styliminal. – my blog is a space where it’s okay to have multiple selves/styles, and for them to co-exist and also blur and shift. A liminal space, which I discovered whilst studying ‘Life Writing’ in English Extension last year, is a space between these various and disparate entities, and that when explored and embraced, allows an individual to reach a level of greater self-understanding. A space where boundaries are allowed to be – and constantly – blurred and redefined.

But enough of that… this is turning into an english essay already (oops!).

So welcome… I hope you’ll enjoy exploring this liminal space with me, find your own, explore it, and maybe, just maybe, gain some insight into your own personal style (or styles!).

PS- let me know in the comments below what you think is in your own liminal space!

love adela

Featured image credit: Shine By Three


24 comments on “At Last

  1. A DE LAAAA I know how much you have wanted to start a blog and now that you’re finally doing it I couldn’t be more excited! There’s this kind of sacred fashion blogging bond that we can finally vibe with it and I can’t wait for collabs, etc. xxxxxx

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    • KARENNNN oh my goodness, I know right?? So so happy I finally made one :))) and yessss, I have so many cool ideas for collabs we could do- defs going to talk about them with you when I get back!! <333


  2. I absolutely LOVE the meaning behind your name! It’s so clever! In fact, I could definitely relate to it with my blog’s name, Curiosity in Style. Personally, I don’t think I have a specific style and rather, I am constantly exploring new ways to dress up and still be myself with it. So, like you said about it being okay to have “multiple selves/styles” – I could not agree more! Honestly, I think it’s more interesting to be versatile and experiment. I mean, after all, it is a part of us growing up!

    I have fallen in love with the concept of “liminal space” – I have never heard of that before! That sounds profound. I think I am going to look into this more. It’s great that you had 4 months to yourself living the high life. I think it’s time for me to do it in Shanghai this upcoming semester. Haha. Here’s to finding ourselves! I look forward to reading more from your blog!

    <3, Jess

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    • I know I just replied to your other comment, i’m going to reply here too cos you probably know how much I love writing (or you will soon find out in future posts!)

      But THANK YOU!! I actually spent SO long figuring out what I wanted my name to be – I wanted it to be something fun and fashion related, yet also meaningful.
      And a massive high five to both of us having multiple selves/styles! (I’m so glad I’m not the only one haha) But my style changes so much, and i’m always drawn to so many different things, that I find it extremely hard to find a “box” that defines my style. And I totally agree- it’s totally more fun and interesting to try as many things as possible when we’re growing up- not just fashion/clothes, but also all other facets of life- it simply makes us that more experienced, knowledgeable etc in the future!

      I’m so glad to hear that- I actually hadn’t heard about it before I studied a “Life Writing” unit in my English Extension class last year. I love the concept too, which is probably obvious by my blog name and also how much I talk about it! The idea of a liminal space is so versatile in the sense that it can be applicable to almost anything (well I think so anyways!)
      I’m so happy to have these 4 months to relax, recuperate, have fun etc but I start university! I’ve actually been pretty busy with starting the blog and also interning at a fashion marketing company :) good luck and have fun in Shanghai btw! Another amazing life experience I’m sure.
      I look forward to your thoughts/comments on my blog- i’m actually on vacation in Cairns, Australia visiting all the touristy places including the Great Barrier Reef, and there’s a ton of photos and posts to come!
      Love, adela xx


      • Haha, that’s fine! I love reading long messages! :)

        EXACTLY. I find it hard to describe my style, too. At first, I thought it was casual but casual can be ambiguous in my opinion. People can wear casual clothing and have different styles from each other. And it’s true. Trying everything is so important. We can learn so much about different styles just by trying them out. It gives us a greater knowledge base work with as fashion bloggers.

        And that is true. The concept of liminal space can be applied to a lot of things in life. I don’t think the world is always black and white.

        It’s great to hear that you’re busy but having fun. You can do it! Ooh, where are you interning? And Cairns, Australia sounds amazing. Looking forward to seeing the photos! :) Thank you for your wishes.

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      • Thats good then, so do I! :)

        Yea exactly, I’m a massive believer in trying new and different things as much as possible. Not just in fashion, but life in general too :)

        I’m interning at this fashion marketing/pr company- they do all the campaign/lookbook photoshoots for Australian brands like Lorna Jane, sass&bide (not sure if you know them!)
        I’ll be posting travel photos very soon!
        Love, Adela xx


  3. […] In my very first post, I talked about how I felt as if I was in this space between two phases of my life (high school and university), and that I created this blog to document my experiences, passions and thoughts whilst I moved between these milestone life phases. Now, I’m in that space between first and second year of university as well as this blog,  and I’m here again, undergoing a process of self-reflection. […]


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