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Besides the fact that I seem to have a slight inclination towards photos where the subject looks as if she is contemplating certain deep existential questions (Hamlet, anyone?), I could also argue that the Adela in the first image is actually reflecting on one of the best outfit pairings of all time – monochrome, no less.

I actually shot these photos on my last night in lovely Cairns, Australia, where I recently had a very lovely summer getaway (travel diaries coming your way very soon I promise!). Those who’ve been following my daily adventures on Instagram should already know of my vacation (*snaps* to you by the way), and for those who haven’t, get on it tout de suite mes amis (click here for your convenience – you’re welcome).

So anyway, apologies for my scatter brain – back to the photos. The reason why I’ve chosen to make this my first ever (!) outfit post is because, despite my stylish liminality, I’ve discovered that black/white pairings are one of my absolute favourites. There’s something so utterly timeless about them that I find myself reaching for it whenever I have those “I have nothing to wear” moments in the morning (which is extremely frequent #firstworldproblems). And thus, this leads me to its wonderful versatility. Whether you’re pairing a white boyfriend tee with black jeans and scuffed converse, or a gorgeous silk shirt with a midi skirt and heels, black/white pairings will always, always, always look effortless yet put-together. From fashionistas to students and office workers to those who don’t realise they’ve been rocking one of the biggest trends of last year since forever (sorry, norm-what?), monochrome really does suit everyone. Which leads me to the logical choice of this pairing as travel attire. I’m not sure if I’m the only weird one, but in the past, holidays have always equalled comfortable, fuss-free and practical get-ups – this often meant daggy ensembles (old graphic/logo tees, fading tights, joggers anybody?) So this time, I endeavoured to change my bad habits and turn over a new leaf (hah). What I’ve come up with, I’d like to think, is chic and presentable yet is in fact pyjama-calibre comfortable. So I guess the secret is having a couple of staple items that are stylish yet oh-so-comfortable. Case in point- the black pants look quite dressy yet feel like pyjamas. Add a blazer and heels and bam, a completely different look. Such is the amazing-ness of staple pieces. Lastly, we mustn’t forget the all- important practical factor, which is why I’ve added a trusty black backpack that doubles up as a handbag (suitcase space saving) and sturdy, walking-friendly sandals. In my humble opinion, this outfit checks all the boxes quite nicely. You?

Let me know what your favourite, go-to outfit pairings are in the comments below, and until next post folks, happy liminal space exploring!

love adela

PS- If you were wondering about my jewellery, both necklace and wrap bracelet are handmade and from the markets in a little village in the Daintree Rainforest (more about that later). The necklace’s pendant is actually a hand-painted seed from the Intsia bijuga tree, commonly known as the Kwila tree, which I think is pretty neat. I’ve always believed in buying local, handcrafted goods whenever I’m holidays. I guess I like the idea of having something special from that particular place, something that you wouldn’t be able to buy anywhere else, as well as helping the local economy. How about you?


15 comments on “Classic

  1. Adela, you are so adorable. haha!
    Black and white are definitely classic and most certainly timeless. They are my one of my favorite color pairings. I especially like the detailing on your top! In fact, I have one quite similar. :)
    From your instagram pictures, Cairns looks so lovely, I hope you had wonderful time. And I am so with you about local souvenirs. They’re just more special that way.

    Love, M.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aw thanks Melissa! Yes it is indeed- so glad you think so too! Ooh yay twinsies haha :)
      I had a really great time, I hope I get to go back someday!
      And 100% agree about local souvenirs being more special!
      Love, Adela xx


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