A Wander in Kuranda





Ever since the whole active-wear-as-casual-wear trend came into prominence, I’ve been a believer. There’s also been the sports-luxe stuff – fancied up versions of trackpants, bomber jackets with an athletic stripe down the side, gym-like shorts with leather panelling etc. – but everybody knows that they were never designed to see the inside of a gym. However, there is the stuff that you can wear to sweat it out at a barre class or pilates session, and also wear for your post-workout coffee/brunch/shopping/study session. Being the girl who is always doing some form of exercise, I find it extremely convenient to own pieces that can transition from the gym to casual wear. And I guess one of the reasons why I’m such a big believer in this trend is that it definitely ticks the versatility box, as well as being oh-so-easy and fuss-free. Which brings me to why I am in love with everything Lorna Jane – practical, functional active wear that is also chic and on trend.

And so, continuing my efforts to dress better on vacation from this post, today I bring you the rainforest-walk friendly version. This set of images was taken whilst wandering through the various rainforest tracks in Kuranda (travel diary here, in case you missed it). Wandering along in the cool depths of the rainforest, engulfed in the blissful silence with the occasional sunrays peeking through the lush greenery was truly soul-friendly (perhaps rivalling the feeling you get after a great yoga session). As for my outfit, I love how my bright tropical print sports crop peeks through the low-cut armholes of the muscle tank, just like the sun through the trees (haha). In fact, I’ve been really loving the “muscle-tank with cute bralette or sports crop peeking through” trend this Summer (it’s also great ventilation haha). I paired the look with some plain black tights, and although the climate in Cairns is quite humid, I guarantee you that you will thank yourself after you’ve been stomping wandering around in the rainforest for the day (and sans as many irritating mosquito bites than if you’d worn shorts). And being the genius that I am, I forgot to bring my insect repellent that day (facepalm moment I know), so I was positively glad that I’d worn long tights. Add some snazzy reflective sunnies (how cool does the reflection look?), comfy shoes fit for walking, a backpack to hold your essentials (don’t forget a water bottle for hydration), and you’re good to go!

Happy wandering and I hope you all have a lovely weekend!





Just your usual mid-forest giggles #candid

love adela

PS – I’m thinking of playing around with typography every now and then, what do you think of what I’ve done to the first image?


26 comments on “A Wander in Kuranda

  1. Adela, you’re so pretty. And these rainforest pictures are gorgeous. I bet wandering under such great green foliage must have been fun!
    Your outfit is cute too. It looks so care-free and relaxed, but still so well put together. :)

    Liked by 1 person

    • It was so so so peaceful to walk through- I honestly wish I could do it more often.
      Oh my goodness, that’s always my dilemma! And it doesn’t help that they always have really nice stuff! I’m glad you like what I did to the first image- I’ll definitely try to do it more often :)
      Love, Adela xx


    • OMGSH HEY JESS!! I had absolutely no idea that you had a blog!!
      Thank you so much for stopping by! :) I just used good ol’ photoshop haha. I would love to but its quite a bit time consuming!
      Love, Adela xx


      • oh my goodness, I don’t know how/why I missed your reply comment! But that’s awesome, are you going to be keeping it up during uni? Can’t wait to see more!
        Love, Adela xx


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