Cairns Travel Diary #2 – Daintree Tour

Daintree Tour 2

Daintree Tour 3

Daintree Tour 4


 There is no wifi in the forest, but I promise you will find a better connection… – Anon

In attempts to include a profound quote in my post to match my feelings after a day exploring the Daintree Rainforest, I took to Pinterest (because you can find just about anything on there, seriously). Typing something along the lines of “nature quotes” and scrolling through the results, the one above really resonated with me. I know I’ve already had a little spiel in my first travel diary about the amazing effects (both physically and mentally) of being surrounded by the natural environment, but it doesn’t hurt to be reminded, right? Something about cruising down the blissfully still Daintree River and walking through kilometres of lush greenery gives you this inexplicable feeling of calm. It really is amazing.

The winter uni break is finally here, which means I’m done and dusted with finals, and that I’ve survived my first semester of uni (yay!). I’m actually currently in the cosmopolitan metropolis, aka Hong Kong – it’s been a while since I’ve visited, and everything feels familiar yet different. The hustle and bustle of this city that never sleeps is the polar opposite of the Daintree, and with the post-exam slump, sleep deprivation, jet lag and this gross weather, I could really do with a good ol’ dose of pure serenity, tranquillity and fresh rainforest air. If only I could bottle how I felt when I was up there. (Or maybe I should just move to Cairns, and I’d have it as my backyard. Fancy that). But for now, I guess I’ll just have to be content with looking back at all the photos from my trip. And with that, I couldn’t agree more with the quote above – speaking of, I really should do a digital detox sometime soon.

This travel diary was supposed to go up ages ago (after all, I went to Cairns in January, sighs) – I know I’ve been majorly AWOL from the blog, but I promise I’m trying my best to get some new content up for you guys to enjoy. In fact I’m typing this whilst I wait for my new hair. Hair in rollers? Check. New post currently in the works? Check. Multitasking is a gem friends (not when you’re trying to study though!).

Alors, I won’t bore you with anymore rambling, and as a break from my usual word-filled posts, I’ll let the photos do the talking – after all, you know what they say about pictures and a thousand words. Enjoy! :)

Tour Part 1

Cruising down the Daintree River 

Daintree Tour 6

Daintree Tour 5

Daintree Tour 7

Daintree Tour 8

Daintree Tour 9

Daintree Tour 10

Daintree Tour 11

Daintree Tour 12

Daintree Tour 13

Daintree Tour 14

Daintree Tour 15

   Tour Part 2

Taking a walk through the beautiful rainforest 

Daintree Tour 17

Daintree Tour 18

Daintree Tour 19

Daintree Tour 21

Daintree Tour 22

Daintree Tour 20

Daintree Tour 23BBQ Lunch

Tour Part 3

The gorgeous view from Cape Tribulation; the only place on earth where you can be in two World Heritage sites at once

Daintree Tour 24

Daintree Tour 25

Daintree Tour 26

Daintree Tour 27

Daintree Tour 28

Daintree Tour 29

Daintree Tour 30

Daintree Tour 31

No better place for yoga than in the middle of the rainforest ;)

Daintree Tour 32

Daintree Tour 33

Daintree Tour 34

Look deep into nature, and you will understand everything better – Albert Einstein

love adela


4 comments on “Cairns Travel Diary #2 – Daintree Tour

    • Thanks so much M! I’m not sure how I only just saw your comment, but better late than never hey :) Hong Kong was really great, although extremely hot and humid!
      Love, Adela xx


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