Montmartre with Honeygold Fashion

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Location-256 MONTMARTRE, 18ème, PARIS, FRANCE

I’ve always thought of the T-shirt as the Alpha and Omega of the fashion alphabet – Giorgio Armani

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll already know that I was lucky enough to enjoy a European summer back in July. I put this outfit together for a summery day of exploring the artsy Montmartre in the 18th arrondissement of Paris. Comfy tees are definitely one of my go-to holiday essentials – they’re just so effortlessly easy. In the past, despite always rolling my clothes before packing them in my suitcase, t-shirts always get that annoying crease right down the middle, and unless you have an iron handy in your hotel room, it really isn’t the best (or most attractive) thing. So in comes tees with a thicker cotton fabrication – still loose fitting and most definitely breathable.

This graphic tee from the lovely girls at Honeygold Fashion is super good quality, and different to a lot of other white tees of viscose or polyester-blend fabrications, which tend to be on the sheer side. Inspired by the quintessential Parisiènne, the girls have created a capsule collection of simple yet effortlessly chic black and white printed tees, all of which possess an understated elegance. Their brand philosophy is something I agree with one hundred percent, ‘women who are comfortable with themselves express confidence, which makes them irresistible’.

There is beauty in simplicity.

And there is also beauty in confidence.

I especially love the uniqueness of the design I’m wearing. If you look closer at the peacock’s ‘feathers’, you’ll see that they’re made of various shaped and sized gems. How thoughtful. And also what better avian representation of confidence than a majestic peacock?

Another major factor (for me) in putting together travel outfits is functionality and comfortability. It’s kinda hard to enjoy yourself (and such a pain) when you’re on holidays if you have to worry about your outfit every five minutes. I’m definitely the kinda girl who loves exploring new places, hunting down obscure nooks and crannies and stumbling across hidden treasures. So what could be more perfect than the classic tee, shorts and converse combo but with a chic twist? I’m all for it.

Amen Signore Armani.

These images were shot at a couple of different locations whilst exploring around Montmartre, in hopes to give you a little glimpse into the day’s adventures. I hope you enjoy! I have so many travel snaps to share with you all, and considering I went to so many places, expect multiple travel diaries coming to a screen near you (hopefully) sometime soon!

That’s all for now friends, à bientôt!

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Restaurant 1

Restaurant Combined

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love adela


10 comments on “Montmartre with Honeygold Fashion

    • Thanks M, it was definitely such a dream! I’ve been wanting to go to Europe for the longest time and it was just as magical and wonderful as I’d always dreamed :)
      Yes I definitely agree! There’s such a large variety of prints and slogans that there’s always one to suit whatever mood you’re in :)
      Love, Adela xx


    • Mine aren’t very budget friendly unfortunately! I’ve actually been hunting around for some new shades for the summer, and I’ve been eyeing (haha) some from Le Specs, Quay Australia and Oscar Wylee, so definitely recommend checking those out! Hope that helps :)
      Love, Adela xx


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