Simplicity | Maria Izvestkina

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In a society where everyone feels the inevitable pull and necessity to be constantly connected, I find it so easy to get caught up in at all; trying to be au courant with the latest news and social media happenings. Social media demands that you must have this newest, holy grail body scrub/candle/watch/bikini/tea etc, and trend reports tell you all about the pieces that you must have this season. And yet, due to the colossal amount of information out there, which, is currently doubling every 12 months and soon to be every 12 hours1, it’s hard to feel like you will ever have the time to read every New York Times/Buzzfeed/blog article – in fact, I’d even say its rather impossible.

Whilst I am all for constantly learning and filling your mind with knowledge, as well as challenging yourself and expanding your horizons, there has been many an occasion where, fighting droopy eyelids and strained eyes from way too much screen time, I have just clicked on that gem of an airplane icon, and banished my phone to the furthest corner of my room. And subsequently avoided it like the Black Plague.

I’m sure that I’m not the only one who has rationalised to him/herself time and time again, ‘Oh I’ll just quickly check out this new site/blog, read this article, and after that get back to work/studying…’ only to emerge in a semi-disoriented, just-came-out-of-a-rabbit-hole state an hour/hours later with a brain full of information about how men’s and women’s brains age differently and why Madeleine Swann is not like the other Bond girls, but no progress whatsoever on your to-do list that just won’t keep getting longer. Hello panic, how are you doing? 

Yeah no, Adela, wishful thinking.

And so in this hyper-connected social generation, I can’t help but yearn to go back to the simple things, to literally and metaphorically stop and smell the roses. This is why I will always appreciate and love a classic monochrome and minimalistic aesthetic. There’s just something so calming about the understated combination of black, white and grey, simplicity and structure within the chaos called life.

In line with my quest for simplicity, I’ve always had an affinity for handmade pieces, whatever they may be, as I know and appreciate the fact that the maker has poured time and effort into crafting something truly special, and from the midst of his/her creative soul.

Maria handmakes the most beautiful garments, and this dress from her Eve Resort 2016 capsule collection is no exception. Although deceptively unremarkable and simple at first glance, it’s one of those pieces that you have to see and touch in real life, in order to realise that it definitely deserves a spot in your curated collection of wardrobe staples. It’s a dress that you could reach for time and time, and thanks to its versatility, wear in a multitude of different pairings. Her brand, with an aesthetic described as “organic modernity” and “experimental minimalism” is one that focuses on the use of natural fabrics, and she shies away from synthetic fabrications such as polyester and viscose.

Here, I’ve paired the dress with my favourite statement necklace as seen here and here, a vintage textured black clutch, timeless watch and of course, my strappy Windsor Smith heels.

Simplicity is beautiful.

Rant/ramble over.

Until next time friends.

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love adela

Photography by Maria Izvestkina

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