Blanc | Maria Izvestkina

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Perhaps it’s the way the light hits my face, and my all-white outfit starkly contrasting the dark backdrop of dense greenery, but I think there’s an almost mystical yet moody and mysterious quality about these photos. Maybe the fact that there’s not one shot where I’m looking directly at the camera is the reason why I feel like a certain voyeuristic vibe is also evoked.

The concept of photography and photographs has been of intrigue to me ever since I studied “Life Writing” in English during my final year of high school. In the words of infamous fashion visionary Karl Lagerfeld, “photographs… capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce”. I love how a photograph has the power to immortalise a particular moment in time, allowing it to remembered, and viewed at a later date. It can capture a fleeting moment in a way that can be poignant and delicate, natural yet also unnatural.

What also interests me is its connection to memory. For most people today, one of the main reasons as to why we take photographs is to create and preserve memories (why else do we have thousands of photos on our phones, which take up the majority of our phone’s memory?) A family portrait at Christmastime, or a holiday snap, reminds us of something that happened at a particular time in our lives.

Yet, is a photograph real? Or is it simply a representation of reality?

Whilst life and time is a fluid and unstoppable force, a photograph is an inert object, a frozen moment, and some would even say, a memento mori. Consider the selfie – all too common, and a pretty crude form of photography. It captures and freezes yourself, your face; how you look in that particular moment in time – a recording of the self. As well, a photograph by itself isn’t the memory itself; it’s just a representation of the memory, which is in fact an ever-changing entity that exists in your mind.

Of course, the role of the photographer in the creation of photographs is also significant. The photographer, a creator, an artist, has total power over the way that the moment is captured. Like the ever popular #flatlay Instagram trend, where the photograph’s composition has been carefully considered, and the various objects strategically placed to perfection, how much has the photographer manipulated the outcome of a photograph? So does a photograph tell all? What does it really tell you? Is anything concealed?

A photographer can also be a voyeuristic observer on “life”, an outsider to the scene unfolding before his or her lens. So how real or accurate is his or her portrayal of the event or moment, which, for the subject of the photograph, is an entirely personal experience?

Enough of the questions Adela, onto the outfit.

The weather has been so hot as of late that I’ve pretty much been wearing variations of this outfit on a regular basis. The all-white colour palette, or rather, lack of, is a like a breath of fresh air to us all languishing in this hot weather.

Like a lot of the pieces featured on styliminal., this top is definitely extremely versatile. Maria’s design is simple and unobtrusive, and I love how the subtle edginess of the raw hem offsets its otherwise delicate nature. Here, I’ve opted for a simple and casual yet dressy look with culottes and white converse but it would also look great paired with pretty much everything from a high waisted A-line skirt and heels to a maxi skirt and sandals, and even jeans (although definitely not in this weather). Since it’s such a simple piece, it also serves as a blank canvas for bolder pieces, such as a sequin skirt (it is the festive season after all!), and any kind of statement jewellery.

This is the last post of my collaboration with Maria – I hope you enjoyed the different looks and photos, as much as I enjoyed working with her and her beautiful pieces.

Wishing everyone a wonderful week, and check back later this week for a new post :)

Not long till Christmas friends!

*cue excitement*

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love adela

Photography by Maria Izvestkina

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2 comments on “Blanc | Maria Izvestkina

  1. Love how your writing is just as deep as your photos Adela :) Also not sure if it was intentional but loved the pun when you were talking about photographs and memory and then the phone’s memory haha it’s late at night so I may even be overthinking! Anyway you look gorgeous and the skirt is a stunner.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sorry for missing your lovely comment Naeun! Thanks so much, it makes me so happy that you enjoy reading! I don’t think it was intentional, but unintentional puns are always a charm :) Wishing you a belated happy new year! <3
      Love, Adela xx


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