Golden Hour | First Blog-iversary

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For me, golden hour is an incredibly magical time.

It is the space between day and night – the day that has been lived and experienced, the evening and the promise of tomorrow.

It is when, depending on the season, the temperature and weather of that particular day, the sky becomes an artist’s watercolour palette. When it becomes a myriad of pastel pinks, blues, purples – its cotton candy-like aesthetic possessing an almost ethereal quality.

It is a time when the lighting for photography is perfect.

It is just like sleep, which comes slowly at first, and then at all once – those of you who have watched golden hour will know that the sky always slowly fades into it’s beautiful colours, gradually increasing in intensity until it reaches it’s picture perfect finale. Then, moments later, as if overwhelmed by its own painstaking beauty, and unable to maintain this picturesque tableau, it collapses, folds and swirls into descending darkness. Evening has come.

It is a time of reflection, a time when you start winding down; a chance to finally reflect and recalibrate, to take a moment for yourself to pause and breathe. I personally find it one of the most rewarding feelings to look back on my day, and feel satisfied knowing that I’ve accomplished every thing (big or small) that I had set out to complete in the morning.

I remember sitting on a bench facing the ocean after this shoot, and feeling a complete sense of inner calm and peace washing over me as I listened to the calming sound of the waves repetitively kissing, lolling and crashing against the shore. I remember the gentle sea breeze mussing my hair, the slight taste of salt on my lips. I remember reflecting on the day, and feeling overwhelmed with joy and gratitude, as I watched the sky and light of the day slowly fading into swirls of navy ink, dark purple, yellow and orange. I remember thinking that this shoot was by far my favourite, and the fact that I love everything about these photos – the lighting, the colours, the way that James beautifully captured the movement of the jumpsuit – is testament to that.

I certainly feel like my first blog-iversary is akin to golden hour and its symbolic connotations. Whilst sunrise is traditionally associated with the dawning of a new day, a symbol of renewed hope and energy, I believe golden hour also holds this promise.

Dear friends, this time last year – 12 months, 365 days, roughly 8760 hours ago – I started styliminal. 

Wow it still stuns me a little to say/type that.

2015, and the first year of styliminal. has indeed been an incredible and swift year. I attended my first ever Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and MBFF Sydney, wrote for, collaborated with a couple of brands, travelled around Europe, became an Instagram addict (haha) to name a few things.

In my very first post, I talked about how I felt as if I was in this space between two phases of my life (high school and university), and that I created this blog to document my experiences, passions and thoughts whilst I moved between these milestone life phases. Now, I’m in that space between first and second year of university as well as this blog, and I’m here again, undergoing a process of self-reflection.

One of the things I also mentioned in my first post was this idea that I never was able to grasp or define my sense of style – and that styliminal. was the space where I was to explore my affinity for a myriad of styles. Throughout last year, I definitely noticed an emerging trend regarding my go-to outfits. But, just as trends come and go, operating in a cyclical fashion, I know that my tastes and style will evolve. However, just like the constancy and inevitability that the waves will always kiss the shore, and that the tide will ebb and flow, I know that my love for classic, versatile and high quality pieces (and deep and meaningful, often rambl-y posts) will be constant.

Last year, I finally ticked off one of my longtime dreams and started this blog. At the start of this journey, I was bursting with ideas, and a vision for how I wanted to shape and use my blog as vehicle for these ideas and passions. This changed as time passed, and I feel as if my focus has changed slightly, and this year is when I guess I will be shaping this further.

I suppose this first year was like a test run, finding what worked for me and felt good, what served my creativity and inspiration, the things that I loved writing about. Although there are many things I wish I could’ve created and achieved in my first year, I am optimistic that my second year will be even better, and that I’ll be able to bring you guys fresh and exciting content. I have some plans and goals, but am open to and will embrace exciting adventures in store for me – after all, a little spontaneity keeps me on my toes.

I am ready to continue creating, inspiring, dreaming and innovating.

A big, BIG thank you to everyone who takes the time to visit and read my posts, to my friends who message me to say you check my blog periodically to see if I’ve posted new content, and to all of you in the WordPress community who always drop me the kindest comments. I am truly grateful and humbled that I am able to share my passions, and that there’s someone out there who likes reading.

I can’t wait to keep sharing this journey with you all.

I hope this hasn’t been too cheesy.

So here’s to another year of exploring our liminal spaces;

To our wildest dreams, goals, ambitions.

Never stop dreaming, darling.

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Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? – Mary Oliver

love adelaPhotography by James Joel




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