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Although I may not be able to truly speak on behalf of the whole demographic, I am able to speak from personal experience that after spending an entire 9-5 (or even longer) working week wearing highly structured and tailored pieces, and heels all day, it is honestly such a relief to be able to wear chucks and a super comfortable ensemble on the weekends. And of course, still look stylish and put together.

This outfit in particular frequently appears on the weekends, and will most likely do so when uni starts again (too soon for my liking, in fact). The pair of light-wash chambray jogger-style pants is a recent addition to my closet, and I’m inclined to say that it’s turning out to be one of my best purchases ever. Despite having a comfort factor equivalent to that of your favourite pyjama pants thanks to the Tencel fabric (which, fun fact, is currently one of the most environmentally-friendly and sustainable fabrics on the market), in my opinion, it still offers an element of sophistication to any look. And of course, it scores highly in the quality and versatility department. (I mean, why else would I have bought them?!)

My go-to pairing is as pictured – a cropped tee of some kind, my quirky pony-hair oxfords (or white chucks), plus a cross-body bag slung casually over my shoulder – and I’m ready to face the weekend, regardless of whether it is running errands, grocery shopping, catching up with a friend over brunch, or major textbook-ing action in the library, etcetera.

I know what you might be thinking – there’s nothing special about this ensemble.

And yes, on face value, I must agree with you. It’s not particularly street style or editorial-worthy, or creatively styled. But if you remember reading this post, there is beauty in simplicity.

And there is a certain beauty in being able to wear simple designs with confidence.

Which brings me to talk about this gorgeous gold cuff I’m wearing, and why I love not only Willow & Hunt’s timelessly minimalistic designs, but also the philosophy behind the young brand.

A brand that centres it’s creative process and designs around the core values of celebrating the personal style of all courageous, compassionate and confident women, as well as inspiring and empowering them to create their own unique stories, it’s a philosophy I am most certainly aligned with.

To me, Willow & Hunt also allows and inspires me to incorporate the more delicate things in life into a busy, modern, (often beautifully chaotic) lifestyle. A reminder of the finer things in life, the cuff’s design was something that really captured my attention. Simple yet intricate, it’s unique design adds an element of sophistication to the otherwise highly casual. It’s also so lightweight that I forget I’m wearing it, and major brownie points to it being adjustable, (unlike most cuffs, which tend to sit around my wrists or end up on the floor) – so for someone who doesn’t usually wear any jewellery except a watch for functional purposes, this cuff is truly able to seamlessly slip into my lifestyle without a sound.

Further, I believe that putting your creative ideas into the public sphere takes a certain amount of courage, and I really admire and respect those individuals who do so. There’s always an element of risk and uncertainty involved – anxiety and doubt inevitably creep in, and you wonder, is there going to be anyone out there who will like or resonate with the values behind my idea/product/service? 

So thank you to Lisa and Cynthia for creating something so beautiful out of your desire to connect women, and through your brand, to help us define our own unique beauty and style, as well as inspiring us to all become our own unique catalysts for positive change.


(Scroll to the end for some exciting news!)

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Willow & Hunt – Harper Cuff in Gold

love adela

PS – To celebrate the launch of Willow & Hunt, I’m running a little giveaway so you too can own one of Lisa’s gorgeous and timelessly minimalistic designs. Hop over to my Instagram for the details!

PPS – I finally got a haircut!


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